Welcome to AVA MD

Look Good, Feel Great – From very early in her career, Dr. Ava Shamban understood the clear relationship between appearance and self-esteem. That’s why she founded AVA MD: to help patients look and feel their best, inside and out, so that they can achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Dr. Ava witnessed this ‘cycle of empowerment’ on Extreme Makeover, wrote about it in her book Heal Your Skin, and sees it happen daily at her practice – not only through her own labor, but through the consistent natural work of her highly credentialed and compassionate staff.

Signature Feature – Signature Feature is Dr. Shamban’s unique philosophy of beauty, a paradigm shift to a more positive approach. Many practices focus on ‘fixing’ aesthetic challenges. We choose instead to bring out the focal point of each patient’s individual beauty-whether it’s their expressive eyes, dramatic cheekbones, or their fabulous prima ballerina neck. Our experienced staff works with each patient to determine their Signature Feature, and then highlights it. Part of this process may include elimination of ‘background noise’ such as wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles, pigmentation, sagging, acne scars, etc in order to help us draw attention to what is striking and original in each individual. It’s how we help our patients put their best face forward.

A Plan for Your Skin’s Future – At AVA MD, the whole office works together to create an unsurpassed experience for each patient. This begins with the consultation, where we look at not just what the patient is looking to do aesthetically today, but develop a long range plan and skin care regimen for the care of his or her skin.

With experts trained in using every injectable, and game changers like LaVIV™, miraDry, Ultherapy and Zeltiq, we can treat all the patient’s needs and concerns quickly and in one place, acting as a one-stop-shop as it were, creating for them beautiful results quickly – with less expenditure of time and energy.

Our team has worked hard to build a truly unique practice, one that we hope will help you feel better, inside and out. We hope to see you soon at either our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills location. And remember, no matter what’s going on in your life, it doesn’t have to show on your skin!

This Weeks At Home skin care tip, is a:

Refreshing and Smoothing Avocado Mask.
Avocados protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and are also a wonderful to use as in a sunscreen lotion. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, A and E, which are essential for healthy skin. Avocados offer fantastic moisturizing properties. I hope you enjoy this wonderful recipe.
½ avocado
1 egg white
1 tablespoon yogurt
½ teaspoon lemon juice