Acne Treatment Center

Acne robs you of your self-esteem, and the acne treatment center at AVA MD gets it back. Our multi-pronged approach to facial and body acne for patients of all ages gives us an unparalleled success rate, making us your last stop for treating the problem. We use the latest in topical treatments, laser and light technology, targeted facials and peels, injections and prescription medications to erase your acne past, present and future.AVA MD: Your One-Stop, and Last-Stop, for Acne Treatment—for Both Teens and Adults.


  • Clear existing acne blemishes and inflammation. Patients can see dramatic improvements after a single visit.
  • Resurface acne scarring and discoloration. Get back that even tone and texture you had before the breakouts.
  • Prevent future breakouts. We will create a customized at-home and in-office regimen that will help banish the blemishes for good.
  • Enhance the overall health and beauty of your skin. Everyone deserves to feel confident about their appearance. No matter what is going on in your life, it doesn’t need to show on your skin.


  • 55% of adults aged 20-40 have some form of persistent facial acne
  • 54% of women over 25 have some recurring facial acne
  • Recent clinical studies from the University of Alabama and Massachusetts General Hospital respectively report that 25% of women between the ages of 40 – 49 and 12% of women between the ages of 41 – 50 suffer from acne.
  • 75-90% of American teenagers suffer from acne
  • Doctors report strains of P. Acnes, the bacteria that cause acne, have begun developing resistance to traditional antibiotic therapies
  • Acne can cause depression, loss of productivity, and isolation


At AVA MD, we can customize a multi-modal approach that will lead to real short-term relief as well as permanent results. Laser and light technologies, together with certain peels and injections, can clear existing acne blemishes and produce truly dramatic effects—sometimes after even a single visit. Our acne experts will advise you on the proper skin care mechanism to clear and control your acne, and can prescribe both topical and oral medications—including the possibility of hormonal treatment to treat the primary underlying cause of adult acne: hormonal shifts. Once we have eliminated active breakouts, laser treatments, dermabrasion and/or peels can erase any changes in skin texture and tone due to scarring.



This facial features deep pore cleansing, extra time on extraction, and application of an antiseptic clarifying mask to help fight blemishes, bacteria and inflammation.


This healing, deep cleaning, and antiseptic treatment puts teens on the road to proper skin care early while helping to prevent future skin problems.


This treatment features your choice of the Acne Clarity Facial or the Renewal Facial, but for your back and shoulders.


Exfoliating enzymes gently eliminate cellular debris to calm irritated skin; lighten hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and age spots; refine pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

There is no need to be depressed about acne, irrespective of your age. Acne is completely curable when properly diagnosed. You are not alone, and we can heal your skin!