MOHS Surgery

What is Mohs Microscopic Surgery?

Mohs microscopic surgery is done in a very specific way in order to eliminate as little healthy skin as possible and to ensure that all of the cancerous skin has been removed. This technique, developed by Dr. Frederic Mohs back in the 40’s, continues to be the most recommended treatment of choice for those facing removal of cancerous skin cells. This outpatient surgery requires the dermatologist to remove the affected skin layer by layer, checking throughout the procedure through the microscope to ensure removal of the cancerous skin cells. The completed treatment removes 100% of the cancer cells and patients have a simple recovery.


After Your Mohs Microscopic Surgery

For patients who have developed skin cancer, it is important that they continue to come to AVA MD for regular skin checks in order to ensure that the cancer does not develop elsewhere on the body; unfortunately, once a patient has been diagnosed with skin cancer, they have a 50% higher chance of experiencing it for a second time. Mention moles that change shape or size and/or freckles that appear abnormal so the doctor can note them and have them evaluated for skin cancer. Being proactive about skin cancer will help maintain health and well-being. Catching skin cancer in its earlier stages produces the best results for recovery.

If you are ready to schedule a skin evaluation, or have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer and want the best care possible, call AVA MD today to schedule a consultation and find out how Mohs microscopic surgery can make your recovery from skin cancer a fast and easy reality.