Signature Feature

Many times patients will come in, upset about their appearance, saying “I want to look more like ‘fill-in-the-blank red carpet celebrity.”’ Or, “I hate my lips. Can you make them bigger?” Or even “Please help me clear my acne—it makes me not want to get out of bed in the mornings.”

At Ava MD, we understand and sympathize with all of these concerns. It is a truly awful feeling to not feel comfortable in your own skin. But this ‘fix it’ way of thinking about beauty is all wrong. We all have aesthetic challenges, and areas we’d like to improve. But the way to get where we want is to capitalize on our strengths, not to focus on what isn’t working, or try to look like someone we are not.

The problem is, a lot of the time, people can’t see their own assets, even if it’s as plain as the nose on their face.

That’s how Dr. Ava Shamban came up with ‘Signature Feature.’ It’s a whole new philosophy of beauty, a paradigm shift to a much more positive approach.

Everyone has an aspect to their look that is striking and original, whether it’s their expressive eyes, or dramatic cheekbones, or fabulous prima ballerina neck. Those acne scars, the ‘too-thin’ lips, that desire to look more like some airbrushed supermodel—all of that is the background noise, whether real or imagined. We get rid of it not because it’s ‘bad’ or ‘disfiguring,’ but because we want to draw attention to the beauty that is unique to that individual. Each person’s ‘Signature Feature’ is the focal point of their individual look. At Ava MD, we help them determine what that Signature Feature is, and then highlight it—it’s how we help our patients put their ‘best face forward,’ as it were.

Everyone has a Signature Feature. Let us find yours so you can look and feel beautiful, inside and out!